Saturday, August 27, 2011

Union Bank of India launches “Union Chetna” - A distinctive information portal to bond with customers and employees.

How does your Bank, Insurance Company, Mutual Fund house, keep in touch with you? The old fashioned paper way i.e paper based newsletter or the new fashioned i.e digital newsletter.

Well, one of India’s most innovative Bank, Union Bank of India, has gone 1 step ahead.

Union Bank of India has launched an information portal to connect with its customers and employees.

In brief, a Portal can said to be ‘a door or gate; hence, a way of entrance or exit, especially one that is grand and imposing.

During business hours, customer relevant information will be displayed. . The same window after business hours will be the knowledge gateway for the staff. This can said to be a private TV channel.

Initially, the portal is being launched in 50 Branches and 10 Village knowledge centres.

  Union Chetna was inaugurated by RBI Governor on 18/08/2011, in Mumbai.

Union Chetna should also be on Youtube, this will be a great brand builder for Union Bank of India.

The next question is than what are Village knowledge centres.

I quote from Union Bank of India, website

What is VKC?

Village Knowledge Centres serve as information dissemination centre providing instant access to farmers to latest information/ knowledge available in the field of agriculture, starting from crop production to marketing. Every VKC is manned by a “VKC In-charge” who looks after the operations of the VKC.

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