The icing on the Cake – Pay your fines in Digital Mode and get 20% Cashback

The most popular fines in India are the Traffic Fines and Railway fines.

Traffic fine violators can remit the fine in digital mode in most of the cities.

In the following cities i.e Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nashik, Pune, The whole of Telangana, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam Rural, West Godavari can pay their Traffic fines through Paytm App

The other online payment option are the integrated services centers of respective states.

Highlights of Bangalore Police Service:-

Parking Fine Online Payment:-
The Bangalore Police Service has integrated its "Parking Fine Collection Service with KarnatakaOne. Now pay the Parking Fine payments through KarnatakaOne Portal service.

Traffic Violation Fine Online Payment:-
The "Traffic Violation Fine Payment” Service of Bangalore Police Service is integrated with KarnatakaOne.

Citizens violating Traffic regulations can pay the Parking Fine payments through KarnatakaOne portal.

The traffic violation market is more than INR5,000/- crores. Incredible isn’t it. Check the below link for traffic violation market in Bangalore @

20% cashback will motivate traffic violators to remit the fines through Digital Mode.
Traffic fines may be paid later as the fine is to a particular vehicle registration or driving licence

The railway fines are to be paid on the spot as railway fine cannot be attached to any particular identify document.

The UPI-Collect option is the best medium for Indian Railways to collect fines from the respective Railway passengers.

  •        Railways to have their own 'Rail Fine' BHIM APP.

  •       The Ticket Collector to log in the 'Rail Fine' BHIM APP and start a 'Collect', transaction for the fine amount.

  •        Rail passengers remit the fine through UPI-Collect option and receive 20% cashback.

    • Over a period the Joy of 20% cashback will spread and a large number of rail passengers will opt for the UPI-Collect route.

The same approach can be adopted for ‘traffic fines’, too.

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