Reserve Bank of India imposes monetary penalty on National Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.,

Reserve Bank of India has informed to public at large that it has imposed a monetary penalty of INR2,50,000 on National Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.,Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh .
The penalty was for multiple violations: -

  • ·       violation of RBI Instructions/Guidelines on classification of investments into HTM/AFS/HFT categories,
  • ·       conducting Concurrent Audit,
  • ·       Prudential Norms on Inter-bank Gross Exposure and Counter Party Limit and
  • ·       Know Your Customer Norms.

Reserve Bank of India had issued a Show Cause Notice to the bank, in response to which the bank had submitted a written reply.

After considering the facts of the case, the Reserve Bank came to the conclusion that the violations were substantiated and warranted imposition of penalty.

The tag line of Bahraich is ‘The City of Agricultural Products’.

Bahraich was in historic Awadh. The district was part of the Nanpara Taluqdari ruled by a succession of Rajas who owned more than three hundred villages in the district and all the forests. A large part of the education system as well as major roads and hospitals were legacies of the late Raja Sadat.

The following are main tourist spots in Baharaich.

Mari Mata Mandir: - Mari mata’s temple situated on the banks of Saryu river near the Bahraich-Lucknow Highway at the northern end of Bahraich city in UP is a center of faith for the devotees. In the Navaratri, devotees of rural and urban areas are engaged in worship for worship and prayer in the temple. Besides, on Mondays and Fridays, the crowd rises for worship in the temple. It is believed that whatever the devotee is in his mother’s court in court, his intention is to fulfill his wish.

Sangharan Mandir:-This temple is from Maha Kali ji, in this temple almost all the rupats of the goddess are sitting. In the two Chaitra and Ashwin Navaratri of the year, the devotees come here to visit the mother. Most visited place in bahraich is Sangharini mandir.

Dargah Shareef:- The Dargah of Syed Salar Masoud Ghazi located in the Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh is quite impressive. A big fair is held here in Jeth. In which people come from far away. Do you know that Kadam Rasul Bhawan is situated in the Dargah complex which is an unsurpassed specimen of architectural art of the Tughlaq period. Jairin Kadam, who is coming to the Dargah, goes ahead with the footprints of Mahfouz Hazrat Mohammad in the Rasul Bhavan. The building was constructed 750 years ago. In this building there are marks on the stone and the footprint on the stone of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Sahib

Katarnia Ghat Wild Life:-Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary is a part of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. It is managed along with the Dudhwa National Park and Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary. The Katarniaghat Forests provide strategic connectivity between tiger habitats of Dudhwa and Kishanpur in India and the Bardia National Park in Nepal.

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